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Who’s Coming?

2013 Attendants

We will update with 2014 attendants soon!

Competitors and vendors travel great distances to participate in the Skagit Valley Highland Games each year. We list here the pipe bands who registered to compete, along with the Clans, Vendors and Food Merchants.

Pipe Bands

The chart below will list the bands, their hometowns, the tartan of the kilts they’ll be wearing at the Skagit Valley Highland Games, and their competition grade for our band contests as they become available. The highest grade is “1″ – typically we have good representation across the class grades.

Band Name Hometown Tartan Grade
Clan Macleay Pipe Band Salem, OR Royal Stewart and Hunting Stewart 4
Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band Port Coquitlam, BC McLean of Duart 1
Elliott Bay Pipe Band Seattle, WA Graham of Mentieth 4
Greighlan Crossing Pipe Band Maple Ridge, BC Weathered Old Sutherland 3
Kenmore & District Pipe Band Lynnwood, WA MacDonald of the Isles Hunting 4
Portland Metro Pipe Band Beaverton, OR Muted Red Fraser 2
Portland Metro Youth Pipe Band Portland, OR Muted Red Fraser 4
White Spot Pipe Band Surrey, BC British Columbia Centennial 4
Keith Highlanders Pipe Band Bellevue, WA Ancient Keith 4
Northwest Junior Pipe Band Shoreline, WA MacKenzie 4
Sir James McDonald Pipe Band Portland, OR Modern MacDonald 4

Clans and Organizations

The colorful traditions of the Clans adds so much festivity to our Highland Games. Upwards of 35 various Clans are expected each year.  We welcome each and every Clan and Scottish/Irish organization that plays such an important part at our Festival. Thanks to these people for helping us celebrate our culture and traditions!

ClanWeb Site
Clan Baileywww.clanbailey.com
Clan Buchanan
Clan Campbell Society of NAwww.ccsna.org
Clan Chisholm
Clan Cianhttp://www.clancian-ocarroll.com
Clan Donald USAwww.clandonaldusa-northpacific.org
Clan Farquharsonwww.clanfarquharson.org
Clan Gregorwww.pnwclangregor.com
Clan Gunnwww.clangunn.us
Clan Hamilton Societywww.clanHamilton.org
Clan Johnston/e in Americawww.clanjohnstone.org
Clan Lamont www.clsna.us
Clan Leslie Society Internationalwww.clanlesliesociety.org
Clan MacIntyre Society
Clan MacKaywww.clanmackayusa.org
Clan MacKenzie Society
Clan MacLachlanwww.maclachlanwusa.com
Clan MacLarenwww.clanmaclarenna.org
Clan MacLeawww.clanlivingstone.com
Clan MacLean Associationwww.maclean.org
Clan MacLeod Society USAwww.clanmacleodusa.org
Clan MacMillianwww.clanmacmillanwashington.com
Clan MacNachtan Association Worldwidenwww.clanmacnaughton.net
Clan Muir
Clan Morrison Society
Clan Munrowww.clanmunrousa.org
Clan Ross
Clan Sinclairwww.clansinclairusa.org
Clan Sutherlandwww.clansutherland.org
Clans of Irelandwww.irishclub.org
Daughters of the British Empire in WA Statewww.dbenational.org
Hood Canal Highland Celtic Festivalwww.hoodcanalhighlandfest.org
Lodge Albawww.lodge-alba315.org
National Tartan Day Soc. Of Washingtonwww.tartanday-wa.org
Northwest Junior Pipe Bandwww.NWJPB.org
Scottish American Military Soc.www.post1889.org
Shire of Midhaven, SCA Incmidhaven.antir.sca.org
Slighe nan Gaidhealhttp://slighe.com/
Whidbey Island Highland Gameswww.wihg.org


We’re so very happy to once again have our friends from Laphroaig at this year’s Skagit Valley Highland Games! You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the beer and/or whisky garden.

Mr. Simon Brooking, Master Laphroaig Ambassador

If you are over the legal purchase age and choose to drink alcohol, always do so in moderation and responsibly.   This Drink Smart Website, has been created to inform you about choices and the potential for alcohol abuse.

The tasting will be lead by Mr. Simon Brooking, a Master Ambassador with Laphroaig.  Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and a member of the Robertson Clan, Simon traces his roots back to the 13th Century and the Celtic Earls of Atholl.  A well-known expert on Scotch whisky, Simon has worked for many of the leading Scotch distilleries, learning the art and science of distilling from the world’s foremost master distillers and blenders.  For over 15 years, Simon has led thousands of Scotch whisky tastings for consumers, bartenders and social organizations.  Both informative and entertaining, his presentations have made him an in-demand speaker and spokesperson.

Simon’s love of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands has paved the way to his present position as BeamGlobal Spirits’ Master Ambassador for Laphroaig and Ardmore Single Malt Scotch whiskies.

Food Vendors

Name Food Offering
Anderson Appliance Services   Free, ice-cold water
Bay City Ice Cream Sno-cones, shaved ice
Celtic Coffee Shop Coffee and deli snacks
European Style Food   Gyros, caesar salad and lemonade
Fair Food & Bakery   Pizza, Pastry, Quesadilla, and softdrinks and coffee, water
Linda’s Concessions   Gyros, curly frieds, corn dogs and assorted beverages
Ma and Pa Kettle Corn   Kettle corn, caramel corn, bottled water, canned soda
Rollin’ Snack Bar Concessions   Breakfast sandwiches; delux hamburgers and cheese burgers, coffee, pepsi products,   desserts and treats
Sunblest Foods   Meat Pies, Haggis, Scones w/Strawberries and Cream Lemonade
You Found Us! Concessions   Premium hand-dipped Ice cream cones and bars, frozen bananas, root beer floasts,  hot fudge brownie sundae, cotton candy, caramel apples
Ziegler’s Bratwurst Haus   Authentic German bratwurst, jumbo Polish or spicy sausages, hot dogs served on bun with sauerkraut, onions and special mustard blend. Curly fries, corndogs, and assorted drinks.

Merchandise Vendors

Name Website
Age of Chivalry www.ageofchivalry.com
All Things Irish www.macruryonline.com
Back to Bali www.backtobali.com
Bagpipe Discs www.bagpipediscs.com
C & T Global Enterprises www.chhutchinson.com
Celtic Jackalope www.celticjackalope.com
Celtic Moonlighting www.celticmoonlighting.com
Elfen Design Henna Tattooing
Elfstone Celtic Jewelry www.elfstone.com
Go Wireless www.gowireless.com
Gold & Silver Mine/McGraw Inc.
The Heelan’ Hound www.TheHeelanHound.com
History of Names www.allcrests.com
Innovative Stitches www.innovative-stitches.com
Memories Headwear www.memoriesheadwear.com
Runecraft Creations
Scottish Sword and Shield www.scottishsword.com
SteelCraft/ Ledgends of Camelot steel.craft@verizon.net
Tartan Thistle www.tartanthistle.com
Wandering Angus: Celtic Traders www.wanderingangus.com
Ye Olde Quicksilversmith www.quicksilversmith.com

Celtic Farm

The Celtic farm is always one of the most popular stops at our Highland Games, featuring interesting local animals – many with strong Scottish traditions. The Highland Cattle display features the very attractive long (and usually but not always) red-haired beasties from the Highlands of Scotland. These impressive animals come in other colors too, however at our event we’ve mostly seen the red ones. To find out more here is a great website on Highland Cattle.

In addition to Highland Cattle, we’re pleased to have SPOT (Saving Pets one-at-a-Time) join us. What better way to remember the day than to take a living, breathing “memento” home?

As in previous years, Lang’s Pony Farm will be offering pony rides for little Highlanders all weekend. Additionally, we will have stunningly beautiful Clydesdale and Percheron horses to appreciate.