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Celtic Culture

Scottish & Celtic information

This website is a great resource for all things Scottish. Looking for your clan connection? Want to know your clan’s tartan? Interested in photos and informative videos? Visit Electric Scotland.

Thinking about a trip overseas to the UK? Want to know more about what goes on at a Highland Games, or how events are judged? Here are some links and documents that may be of interest:

Category Website or link
Scottish traditions & culture Word or PDF file
How are competitions judged? Word or PDF file
Scottish History www.electricscotland.com
Travel to Scotland www.visitscotland.com
Travel to Ireland www.discoverireland.ie
Gaelic Language in Seattle www.slighe.com/
Celtic Language Terms http://www.fredriley.org.uk/call/langsite/celtic.html
Scottish Studies Newsletter from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC ScottishStudies2011-4