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Wish List

Celtic Arts Foundation Wish Lists:

As a non-profit organization, CAF depends on donations to keep operations going and events planned. General donations are ALWAYS appreciated, but if you would like to sponsor a certain item or items for the new building, please take a look at our lists below and let us know what you might like to help us with to make our new building operational and inviting to all who visit.

CAF office building wish list:

Our new office building could use a few items to make it ready to use (click on the hyperlinks to see items similar to what we need):

  • Practice room amenities (mirrors ($200 value))
  • Rugs for most rooms (Skye’s office, Beth’s office, music room, reception area) (most rugs $300 value)
  • Storage box for the music room (custom made, $500 value)
  • Screen printed canvas pictures ($75 each)

If you would like to help us furnish the office with a specific item, you can make donation via the website or send a check specifying which item it is for.

Littlefield Celtic Cultural Center wish list:

The Littlefield Celtic Cultural Center is going to be an amazing place to hold our dinners and other functions throughout the year! But we need a few items to pull it all together:

  • Tables and chairs for the auditorium
  • Dishes, glasses, and silverware
  • Video and projection equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Flooring
  • Curtains/Window treatments

Opportunities to sponsor part of the Highland Games

There are some big ticket items for the Skagit Valley Highland Games that we simply must have, but that are also incredibly expensive. If you’d like to help sponsor the Highland Games, please consider:

  • Underwriting part or all of our canopy rental fee of approximately $11,000 each year
  • Underwrite our annual event insurance bill of approximately $6800
  • Underwrite the rental of portable toilets – a MUST HAVE at approximately $5800 per year
  • Underwrite the equipment used on the sound stage each year at approximately $3200 per year
  • Underwrite the Highland Dancing Championship competition awards at approximately $2000 per year

Day-to-day operations of the Celtic Arts Foundation:

If you would like to helps us with day-to-day operations, here are a couple ways to do so:

  • Contributions to purchase airfares to help bring Masters of Scottish Arts instructors and performers to the US from the UK
  • Donations are ALWAYS appreciated and put to good work!

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or have ideas or suggestions: