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Tax-deductible donations may be made to the Celtic Arts Foundation – with 100% of funds contributed being pledged for these scholarship endowments (i.e., there is no overhead administration fee). To make a contribution to the Jerry Holland Memorial Scholarship Fund, or the Jay Johnson Scholarship Fund please see the donation form below.

The Winter School prides itself on the variety of demographic groups represented at each session. In 2008, a new scholarship fund was created in memory of Mr. Jay Johnson. Mr. Johnson was a Spokane, WA native and keen adult-learner of the Great Highland Bagpipe. In 2011, our same anonymous donors once again made scholarship funding available for the 2012 Winter School, and are continuing a permanent scholarship fund with the gift of another $1000. The Celtic Arts Foundation will raise funds and solicit contributions to grow the Jay Johnson Scholarship Fund to a $20,000 endowed level, which will generate one full-tuition, room and board scholarship each year in perpetuity.

We are pleased to continue awarding the Jerry Holland Memorial Scholarship Fund, in memory of our very dear friend and Cape Breton fiddling master, the late Mr. Jerry Holland. For those who heard Jerry play, it was impossible not to be moved by the spirit and soul that were so much a part of his music. For those of us who also knew him well or had the privilege to work closely with him, you couldn’t help but be struck by the kindness and patience of the man. The Celtic Arts Foundation is deeply honored to have received the permission of Jerry’s family to establish this fund. It is our intention to keep the spirit of Jerry’s Cape Breton and Scottish fiddling music alive and well for generations, by making scholarships available to aspiring fiddlers to our Winter School.

Thank you to these generous donors, who recognize the value of life-long learning and rewarding hard-working adult learners in their pursuit of playing the Great Highland Bagpipe and the Cape Breton fiddle.


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