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Autumn Smallpipe Program

Autumn Smallpipe Program 2015

We are now accepting registrations for the 2015 Smallpipe program.  Please use this link to go directly to the new improved on-line registration page.

The Celtic Arts Foundation is pleased to present this workshop for the fifth consecutive year!  The workshop will be at the Littlefield Celtic Center in Mount Vernon, WA on October 1-4, 2015.  We will also be offering some fiddle events that will be held in conjunction with the Smallpipe program – details will be announced soon.

We are happy to announce that Fred Morrison will be our piping instructor for this year’s Autumn Smallpipe program!  We have totally revamped (and we hope greatly simplified!) our registration process, and encourage students to sign up ASAP after the forms become available on August 1st, as space is limited!


We’re very pleased to have worked out very favorable rates for those workshop attendees who choose to stay in Mount Vernon, rather than commuting home each night.  The Best Western CottonTree Inn is where we put up all our guests, and they have worked closely with us to offer the very best pricing possible.  Here are the details on the rates.

About Fred

A gold medal-winning Highland Piper, Fred is widely regarded as one of the top bellows-blown Reelpipe players in the world. His music is steeped in the traditions of his South Uist heritage, but influenced by diverse and surprising sources such as bluegrass to name one. Highland pipes, Uileann pipes, low whistles, Smallpipes or Reelpipes – Fred can do it all, and his teaching approach is energetic, patient and most of all fun! Here’s a link to Fred’s website to learn more.  Fred will certainly make this an incredible musical experience for all who can participate.  


Here is a video of Fred talking about his preferred instrument, the Reelpipe:

Tickets to Fred’s Concert

Please join us at the Littlefield Celtic Center in Mount Vernon on Saturday, October 3, 2015 for a performance by Fred Morrison.  Tickets are currently on sale on this link in our ticketing page.

Program Location – Littlefield Celtic Center

The Autumn Smallpipe Workshop is being held for the first time at our Littlefield Celtic Center in Mount Vernon, Washington.  This stunning new venue has a number of amenities and great educational aids to help you get the most from your workshop.  Small seminar class sizes are a hallmark of programs offered by the Celtic Arts Foundation.  We’re very mindful of the benefits of having access to accomplished and experienced instructors.  This year, we’ve arranged to have students arrive on Thursday evening.  That gives us a complete and full day for instruction on Friday, and Saturday, and most of Sunday.