to sponsor, encourage and promote Celtic Culture through events and educational activities.
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We believe it is possible to celebrate our cultural uniqueness and share it at the same time.  Celtic Arts Foundation (CAF) programs and marketing literature demonstrate our efforts to be inclusive while also honoring important traditions from our own rich cultural heritage.  Our programs and events have flourished due to an over-arching commitment to quality and the strategic and hard work of our staff, volunteers and board.

The Celtic Arts Foundation is about:

  • Connecting people to their ancestry through Celtic music, dance and traditions
  • Sharing the joy and excitement of our culture with diverse populations regardless of ethnicity
  • Providing opportunities for aspiring Celtic artists to receive world-class instruction
We invite potential sponsors to review the “Sponsorship” options on the right of this screen.  The Celtic Arts Foundation is currently seeking sponsorship support for the Benaroya Hall Masters of Scottish Arts Concert being held in February of 2017, in addition to the 2017 Skagit Valley Highland Games.  Learn more event by clicking on the links to the right, or contact Executive Director Skye Richendrfer or call 360-416-4934.