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Scottish Country Dancing Sessions

Scottish Country Dancing at the Littlefield Celtic Center

Community members are welcome to join us for Scottish Country Dancing! These sessions are free and open to the public. The next dance session will be held at 10:00AM-12:00PM on Saturday, February 24th. 


Seen at Highland Balls and in Village Halls, Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is enjoyed at all levels and by all ages.  The history is long–going back to “story” dances and ritual dances from remote areas and from craftsmen’s guilds.  In 1524 Mary of Guise married James V of Scotland and brought with her many dance influences from the French court, including some of the footwork seen today, bows and curtseys, and well-known figures.

SCD continued to grow in popularity through the time of Culloden and into the 19th century.  Gradually, dances like the waltz and the quadrille surpassed SCD in favor.  In the 20th century there was a resurgence of interest in traditional dance and music in the British Isles.  The Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923; this became the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) in 1951 under royal charter from King George VI.  His daughter, Queen Elizabeth II is our patron today.  The dance form continues in strength and popularity; new dances are being devised and new tunes written every year.  This is dancing for all: children, grandparents, and all the age groups in between can–and do–participate

What to expect

SCD classes at Littlefield Celtic Center are general, multi-level sessions with some step practice and teaching of dances.  Once we have a feeling for the make-up of the class, we’d like to focus on beginners and inexperienced dancers for the first 45 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of general social dancing for everyone, and we’ll end with 45 minute of focus for more experienced dancers.

Beginners are Welcome

Beginners are most welcome; we would like to work using a building-block approach where we will review and build on skills learned in the previous class. The goals of RSCDS include “Fun, Fitness, Friendship.” If this sounds appealing, then SCD is for you!  If you enjoy dancing socially to wonderful, traditional music, if you would like to try dancing in a team (set) with six or eight other dancers, if you think you might enjoy some energetic but graceful and elegant dancing—with a little bit of courtliness thrown in—then this is for you!

 What do I need to bring?

You do not need a partner, you do not need special clothing (loose and comfortable is the best). Women often wear skirts, but it is not a requirement for participation.  Soft-soled shoes (such as ballet or jazz shoes for those familiar with other dance footwear) allow you to move around the floor with ease (and to point your toe!), but don’t let soft shoes or lack thereof prevent you from giving SCD a try.

Bring with you a cheerful smile, a willingness to listen, and a desire to “have a go!”

See you on the dance floor!