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Ticket Cancellation Policy

Celtic Arts Foundation Ticket Policy

Tickets are required for each seat occupied for all events at the Littlefield Celtic Center. All ticket sales for Celtic Arts Foundation events are final, with no refunds or exchanges.

The Celtic Arts Foundation does not mail physical tickets; receipts are emailed and can be printed and presented at the door, or ticketholders’ names can be looked up at check-in. Ticketholders are responsible for payment of all tickets held under their name.

Unpaid tickets are considered reservations only and subject to cancellation due to non-payment. Payment for all tickets must be received no later than four business days before the event.  CAF will make reasonable attempts to remind ticketholders with outstanding fees of payment deadlines, but it is the ticketholder’s responsibility to avoid cancelled reservations due to non-payment by the specified deadline.

If for some reason an event is cancelled, refunds from the Celtic Arts Foundation will be provided. Please note that all event dates and times are subject to change; ticketholders’ will be notified in such an event.