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Location, Lodging & Meals


The Winter School is held at the Seabeck Christian Conference Center, a non-profit corporation that serves other non-profit organizations exclusively. Seabeck is located on the shores of Hood Canel on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Please take a moment to browse their website and learn more about the longest continually running conference center in the Pacific Northwest.

The Seabeck facility is rustic, however it offers amenities and advantages that really hook Winter School students to keep coming back for more. One of our long-time attendees has said this about the location: “It’s like my own Brig o’Doon – I love coming there!”

Lodging and meals

Accommodations and meals at Seabeck are included as part of the full program package.

Lodging at Seabeck is rustic and primarily dormitory style with 2-3 people per room, depending on the building. Most beds are twin size and there are a very limited number of doubles. There are no queen or king-size beds. A limited number of single rooms are available; these must be reserved upon registration and carry an additional charge per night. Bathrooms are communal in most buildings. Room assignments are made prior to the first day of Winter School and are distributed upon check-in. Roommate preference can be specified on the registration form. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

Accompanying Adult and “Designated Guardian”
Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on campus. Visitor lodging at Seabeck for accompanying adults includes lodging and meals (meals are required for all non-students and day students – Seabeck policy). The cost is additional and can be added on the student’s registration (see registration forms for pricing).

Due to a limited amount of lodging space, we will be able to accommodate only one parent per minor student. One adult may be responsible for more than one student. Parents must name a “designated guardian” who will be staying on campus if they are unable to attend.

Family style meals served by waiters in the main dining room of the Inn are an integral part of the community feeling at Seabeck. Students staying off campus must also purchase meals at Seabeck while on campus during the school day (these are included in your registration fee).

The culinary staff is prepared to provide meals for special diets. A “Special dietary request” section is now provided on the registration form. Please complete this section when registering to arrange special meals in advance.